Rocco's After Care Kit


Everything you need to take care of your new ink and cut down the healing time to as little as 2-3 days. This kit is your one-stop-shop for the best tattoo aftercare available on the market today.

Tattoo Aftercare Kit Great as a gift for tattoo lovers, Rocco’s Old School Tattoo Aftercare kit includes a selection of Rocco’s Old School products all designed to heal a fresh tattoo and to rejuvenate older artwork. Not only does this superb kit contain products that will help accelerate the healing time of your tattoo, it also comes with complete instructions on how to take care of your tattoo properly.

Contents: • (1) 1 oz. Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm • (1) 4 oz. Rocco's Old School Anti-Bacterial Wash • (1) 6 oz. Rocco's Old School Moisturising Lotion • (1) 1 oz. Rocco's Old School Lip Balm • (5) Samples of Rocco's Old School SPF (perfect for protecting your ink on the go) 

This kit also contains complete instructions on how to take care of your new tattoo. Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm is ideal for continued use on your tattoo once it has healed.


  • Tattoo Balm 1oz We know you want a tattoo aftercare product that will reduce irritation and increase healing time and that’s why we formulated Rocco’s special Tattoo Balm, a natural tattoo aftercare product that will greatly increase healing time giving you fantastic results in just 24 hour


  • Anti-Bacterial Wash Our antibacterial wash is designed specifically for tattoo care and sets the platform for the healing process ensuring your new ink is clean, protected and stands the best chance of healing quickly and full of colour. Made from natural ingredients, Rocco’s Old School AntiBacterial Wash does not irritate and offers a natural way to cleanse the skin and reduce the chance of a rash, infection or any discomfort during the healing process following the application of a tattoo.

  • Moisturizing Lotion Take care of your skin with Rocco’s natural Moisturising Lotion. Made with a combination of natural and organic ingredients, our lotion absorbs fast and helps to prevent dry skin which can become easily damaged and look weary and old.

  • SPF 42 Sunscreen Prevent sunburn with Rocco’S Old School’s SPF 42 Sunscreen, a factor 42 sun block that has been designed for all skin types and is ideal for everyday use. Created for everyone, Rocco’s Old School SPF 42 Sunscreen can be used on all skin types – including those who have tattoos or pierced skin, who are naturally more susceptible to sun damage.

  • Don’t you hate when you apply lip balm and receive lack luster results. We do! This is why Rocco’s created our natural Lip Balm. Its coconut lime verbena taste isn’t too shabby either. Won’t build up or clump. Our Lip Balm is intended to moisturise & heal dry and chapped lips throughout the day.

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