Ultimate X is Top Libido Enhancing Supplement October 09 2013


For the second time in 12 months Ultimate X has been featured in The Sun. This time around, our erection enhancing herbal supplement has been named as one of the top 7 libido uppers by the daily tabloid, further proving Ultimate X’s credentials as one of the leading erection supplements on the market today.

Ultimate X was the only herbal supplement specifically created to boost libido worthy enough to be named in the article, which featured a range of libido boosting vitamin supplements and soft drinks.

Able to give men a better quality erection in just 45 minutes, Ultimate X increases libido and therefore helps men to enjoy better sex due to increased sexual drive and stamina. This is why The Sun previously scored Ultimate X 8 out of 10, rating it as the top herbal supplement available in the UK in its panel test last year.

Ultimate X is the choice for men wanting to boost their sex drive the natural way and uses an EU compliant herbal formulation that is considered to be much safer than pharmaceutical herbal erection enhancing supplements for a wide range of men.

Designed to be taken prior to sex to stimulate arousal, Ultimate X can be used with any combination of Ultimate products – enabling men to mix and match products within the range and gain a range of additional benefits from added sensitivity, extra stimulation and a bigger orgasm.

If you’re looking for a herbal erection supplement, look no further than the tabloids favourite – Ultimate X – giving you the sex drive you have always wanted!